BLACk & Grey

Timeless - Elegant - Classic 

My first love and greatest passion is black and grey. This style comprises a vast majority of my work. I built my career and reputation doing black and grey tattoos. If you're looking for my specialty this is it!

My favorite projects are large scale surreal tattoos, especially with a dark twist. I also love working with wildlife, animal portraits (including pets), tv/movie characters, skulls of various species, and more!


Bright - Bold - Vibrant

If the subtleties of black and grey aren't your style, incorporating color in your tattoo can add the pop you're looking for. We can do a full color piece or just add an accent to your black and grey. I am more selective with color projects, but I love creating them just as much as black and grey.



Scroll through some of my work. Tap or click an image to enter the full size gallery and see every detail.



Projects are accepted based on the desired imagery, size, style, and amount of creative freedom. I take on work that I feel I can excel with. This ensures I'm always in a position to deliver high quality tattoos. Fill out the form below to submit your idea!

If your idea is accepted, you will be contacted to be placed on a wait-list. After my current projects have been rescheduled due to covid, I'll reach out to those on the wait-list to finalize the booking process. 


I have received a ton of wait-list requests from new collectors during the shut down, and after re-opening was announced.

Due to the large number of inquiries I have removed the booking form until I can sort through everything.

Stay tuned on Instagram to see when booking is re-activated.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!