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Tattoo Artist

BLACk & Grey

Timeless - Elegant - Classic 

My first love and greatest passion is black and grey. This style comprises a vast majority of my work. If you're looking for my specialty this is it! My favorite projects are large scale surreal tattoos, especially with a dark twist. I also love working with wildlife, animal portraits (including pets), tv/movie characters, skulls of various species, and more!

Original ART

Bright - Bold - Vibrant

My goal is to create tattoos that showcase the collectors ideas, and my own artistic expression. I believe your tattoo should be unique, rather than an echo of what's already been done. This is why I always add my own spin to the tattoos I create.



Scroll through some of my work. Tap or click an image to enter the full size gallery and see every detail.



I have been working on opening a small private studio. It's expected to open Jan 2021. I'll reactivate the booking form once I know the opening date, wrap up some current work, and can give more attention to my inbox. 

Activate post notifications on Instagram to see when I open and announce booking.

Thank you for your support! 

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