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About Me

When I was younger, I was naturally anxious. It seemed that one of the only escapes I had was art. Anytime I was creating something I would find myself fully immersed in it, a sort of tunnel vision. Time itself would seem to stand still. As my marker, pencil or brush traveled along the canvas I felt free from my overwhelming thoughts and worries, and proud of what I was creating. When it came time to graduate high school, I was leaning towards pursuing graphic design. I had become quite familiar with computer graphics programs through classes and self-teaching; graphic design seemed fitting. However, when I was in middle and high school, I would frequently draw on my classmates' skin with markers. This turned into a curiosity for tattooing and making the artwork permanent. I quickly shook this idea off; I thought being a tattoo artist wasn't a "real" career. I began attending Bergen Community College in pursuit of an art degree. While I was there people started to see my sketches and ask me to design tattoos for them. I would always tell them to speak to a reputable tattoo artist, but they would hint that I should become one. After enough people suggested it, I began going into shops seeking information regarding how to get into the industry. I realized that whether it was a "real" career or not, it was what I truly wanted to do. I didn't feel passionate about graphic design; I wanted my art to impact people on a deeply personal level. The trust, and permanency of tattooing was so attractive to me, as it is truly the most sacred form of art. When I started going into shops, none of them took me seriously because I was young and I had no tattoos. I didn't give up; finally, I stumbled upon Starlight Tattoo. They looked over my portfolio of drawings and paintings, and decided to give me a chance. I apprenticed for roughly a year and a half, and have been tattooing full time ever since. My favorite style to work in is black and grey realism/ surrealism. I really enjoy using my skills with computer graphics programs to create compelling photo manipulations that translate well onto skin. It is an honor and a privilege to work on a client's skin. I am truly grateful for everyone who grants me the opportunity to work with them in cultivating a perpetual piece of artwork!