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Thank you for making your way to my booking page! I am currently booked until the end of 2019. I will be booking more appointments when the new year gets closer. 

I focus on black and grey realism, and surrealism. My favorite subject matter to work with includes dark imagery, skulls of any species, horror, tv/film characters, animals/wildlife, pet portraits and more. I am not currently taking on religious theme tattoos unless I've already started the project. If something wasn't mentioned I would still love to hear your ideas. Tattoo collectors that give me a rough idea and trust me to run with it are always appreciated and given priority. I will only take on work that allows me creative freedom!


When I begin taking on new work I will add a form for you to fill out on this page. I will read it over and determine if I am the right artist for the job and if so we will proceed through the booking process.

To stay up to date and make sure you know when my appointments open up please turn on "Post Notifications" for my Instagram page. That is where I announce openings and the best way to make sure you don't miss it.