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Thanks for coming to my booking page!

Tattoos last a lifetime, please take a few moments to read this thoroughly.

Am I the right artist for you?

I focus primarily on black and grey realism and surrealism. My favorite subject to work with is dark imagery like skulls, demons, horror characters, and female form with a dark twist. I also love working with portrait's of pets, animals, movie/tv characters and more. I am open to other ideas as long as I have creative freedom. I take on color projects, but I am more selective with them.

It is important that I work with people who want to collect my art rather than dictating the imagery exactly. I prefer to take projects in which the collector gives me a concept, and allows me to come up with my own visual representation of it. This doesn't mean completely changing your idea, but having the freedom to find the best way to execute it!

Please keep in mind I do not currently take on religious tattoos, cover-ups, or reworks.


Flat Session Rates

Full day (8hrs) - $1400

Half Day (4hrs) - $800

If we utilize less than 75% of the session time I will adjust the cost accordingly.

I will be able to estimate how many sessions you need after seeing your submission and chatting with you.


Full Day - $300

Half Day -  $150

If we move forward after I receive your booking request a non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your appointments. The deposit will come off the cost of your final appointment.

If you reschedule or no-show without 3 days notice you will lose your deposit. If you have remaining appointments you will have to leave a new deposit to keep them. 

This is because I reserved my time for you, and without at least 3 days to find someone else I will most likely lose that time. 

Fill out the following form to request tattoo work.

I will read over the form and determine if I am the right artist for you and the tattoo.

Form submission does not guarantee booking. I will respond within two weeks and let you know if we should move forward or if another artist would be better suited for you.

The goal is to collect enough information and have enough creative freedom to book your appointments via phone or email without an in-person consultation. 

Do Not fill this out without reading everything above.

I can't wait to see the awesome idea's you have! Let's make some mind blowing tattoos!